Arbitary Arrangements

Arbitary Arrangements

Published in the Government Gazette 174A / 2013, the new law arbitrarily, Law 4178/2013 which comes to replace the Law 4014/11.

According to Law 4178/2013 the owner arbitrary structures have the potential to trim the arbitrariness (Buildings without planning permission or in excess of a building permit) if the carrier body has built up the enactment of the law.

Under the law are able to arrange all the buildings located inside or outside the city plan, except that the property is on stream, forest, seashore, in a traditional settlement and seatbelts national, provincial and community channels.

Also for any transfer, lease or connection request of the property with utility networks, it is necessary statement (attestation) of engineering that the property does not exist arbitrary or settled under N4178 / 13 (arbitrary law) or with N3843 / 10 (law for the semi).

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